1949 年,玛丽莲梦露唱石是女孩最好的朋友」。 若然把手袋也女孩的最好朋友就更切了。 相信无一个女人愿意放下自己的手袋,本季潮流似乎也你无法自拔、只好目光长驻这些手袋上。

LOGO 大势回归

2018 的春夏流行指针大概可用「独特」二字概括,各品牌的LOGO将成为焦点。 Prada以卡通人物强调品牌名字,Miu Miu则用不同笔触表态。 Valentino把品牌名字里的元音拿走,以窝钉点缀「VLTN」四字。 Emporio Armani直接用品牌鹰状LOGO制成手袋。 Louis Vuitton的Twist手袋则以LV二字组成一个转锁。

VIBs: 重要手袋

要成为万人瞩目有多种方法。 你大可以手持Alexander McQueen那满布珍珠的手拿包;或者可以考虑Bottega Veneta精心设计的City Knot手袋,将两大潮流趋势—— 艳丽色彩和动物印花——混为一体,绝对是吸睛之选。 本年度花卉图案继续扮演重要角色,你可以选择Etro色彩鲜艳、独特大胆的彩虹花卉单肩包。

Logos are back

Anything goes – as long as it’s not ordinary. That seems to be the motto for spring and summer 2018. Which means putting your name in the spotlight: logos are back. Prada uses a cartoon character to make their statement on a bag, while Miu Miu uses brushstrokes. Valentino has omitted the vowels: VLTN is displayed on their studded models. At Emporio Armani the entire bag has become their eagle logo. Louis Vuitton’s monogram doubles as a clasp – for example on the Twist Bag.

VIBs: Very Important Bags

But there’s more than one way to catch people’s attention. Smothered all over in pearls, you can take the clutch by Alexander McQueen by the hand. Bottega Veneta has opted for colour combined with animal print – a trend that we’re taking note of. Flowers are also not to be missed this year. A particularly floral eye-catcher is the Rainbow Bag by Etro.



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