Prada: #pastforward

Spring/Summer ’17 Collection at a Glance

“Instead of researching women’s past, the way I did for a while, I decided to focus on the present and find elegance there.” Miuccia Prada has started out on a journey through time that she’s calling #pastforward.

Mastermind Prada sees the new collection as a balance between modern-day synthetics and historical textures like fur and feathers that make the look daydreamy. As ever, the questions she’s asking go much deeper: what differentiates the past from the present? And what comes after the future? While Diana Ross’s “Reflections of the way things used to be” blasts from the loudspeakers and a film by David O. Russel runs on the mega screens.

Pinned under the arm, large-format clutches are a constant companion. Don’t fancy a conventional clutch? The iPad case can easily be converted to fulfil the same purpose – and vice versa.

Our favourite
The feather trimmings on the sleeves and seams of gossamer fabrics! Perfectly quoting the twenties, when escapism reached a similar climax to today.