Valentino: Elastic Time


Autumn/Winter ’17 Collection at a Glance

Time is elastic, philosophizes creative director Pier Paolo Piccioli in his notes on the current autumn/winter collection. And he translates this fusing of yesterday, today and tomorrow into typical Valentino looks. The focus of his work is an interpretation of romance – which for him is something very instinctual and emotional. In the Valentino universe, it ranges from the finest pleated fabric to bulky, lace-up leather boots. Preferably combined.

Piccioli’s interpretation of romance encompasses every era, both challenging and promising. There’s the austere, all-black look underlined with smoky eye make-up that’s surprisingly sombre for Valentino, and worn with black lips to boot. But there are also flowing dresses with cheerful prints that are more reminiscent of emojis and street art than goths and gloom. You’ll find dresses that combine art deco patterns with futuristically amorphous lines and even comic-like drawings on skirts. Romance always has a big role to play, no matter when.