Saint Laurent: Mick Jaggerism

What Men Wear in Spring/Summer 2016

Strictly speaking, Hedi Slimane dedicated his spring collection to contemporary Californian surf music culture. By which he probably didn’t mean the Beach Boys. In fact, the designer decided to take the “Mick Jaggerizing” of men to the extreme. Tight drainpipe trousers, bright leather jackets, women’s sunglasses – also worn at night, of course – fabric sneakers and bleached denim waistcoats. In a nutshell: Slimane gathered together for his catwalk show all of the mismatching items that you have ever seen the frontman of the Rolling Stones wear in his over 40 on the stage. Wear these pieces with a Mick Jagger crop – a roughly shoulder-length bob with a fringe. Well, they say the point of fashion is to express an attitude towards life. Slimane has taken that saying at its word and created a rock ’n‘ roll collection.