Prada: Uniform and Candyfloss


Autumn/Winter ’15 Collection at a Glance

A bit artificial, a bit nostalgic and futuristic at the same time, a bit sickly sweet like candyfloss, and yet there’s no kitsch in sight at Miuccia Prada’s collection. Unsettling materials combined with well-known cuts that look almost comic-like rather than conventional. Empire dresses that don’t hang as they normally do. Suits that look suitable for space travel but – though artificial – aren’t in fact made of neoprene. To match, accessories that suddenly look futuristically uniform: long gloves in every colour, but always with the same hairstyles and bags that have the hallmarks of an autograph being signed under the current collection. A critical view to the future without romanticizing the past.

Oversized Plexiglas brooches. Fur trimmings. Long gloves in every colour of the rainbow.

Our Favourite
The pastel pink dress decorated with an apparently random shower of glittery flowers. Everything should sparkle – even in the future.

The Show
At the runway, spectators felt like they were in Captain Kirk’s hallway. Pastel-clad women whirred through the fashion temple in endless loops to the film music from Disney’s Fantasia. Is artificially altered beauty less true than natural beauty? Miuccia Prada’s answer is unsettlingly interesting.