Outdoors with Bottega Veneta

What Men Wear in Spring/Summer 2016

Designer Tomas Maier loves styles that look as though you live in them. Comfortable, outdoor adventure looks. Spring/summer 2016 is no different: he grants men everything that women want to wean them off: baggy jumpers, harem pants, deep V-necks and – yes, really – socks with sandals. At least they are neither Velcro sandals nor Birkenstocks, but rather classic, crossed leather surfer flip-flops that you put on in early May and don’t take off again until the end of September. And when the temperature drops, you simply wear them with socks. Thick socks. With your trouser legs tucked in them. But don’t get carried away: make sure they are in matching shades, preferably in natural, earthy colours. And we must admit: it looks wonderfully laid-back. Who’d have thought it?