Mulberry: England with ruches

Spring/Summer ’17 Collection at a Glance

Mulberry presented its spring/summer collection in a paper factory, with no glamorous catwalk – very pure. Just like the new line that Johnny Coca has been treading since he took over the design reins. Much of the fashion label’s tradition has found its way into the new collection in the form of pretty jackets, good-girl dresses, stripes, paisley and lamé. The spec: Britishness. And that was probably no easy task, bearing in mind even the country itself can’t provide a specific definition of what being British actually means. So Coca gives the British the energetic pyjama trend, big ruches and broad shoulders.

With his accessories – Coca’s speciality – the designer has gone for the complete opposite of most of his colleagues, whose handbags seem to have got smaller each season. Mulberry has them in refreshingly indulgent plus sizes.

Our favourite
The olive-green trench coat, equipped with large side pockets in the style of master craftspeople’s smocks. Worn with plain olive-green patent shoes and a matching skirt, asymmetrically peeping out from underneath the austerely buttoned coat.