Miu Miu: Chalk and Cheese

Autumn/Winter ’15 Collection at a Glance

Miuccia Prada digs deep for Miu Miu. She plays with the confusion around fake and genuine, combining python leather with fake-croc and dying everything wild colours to the point that the genuine seems just as fake. Shiny leather in toxic colours mixed with turquoise leopard prints. It’s like a jumble sale show. A knock at the fashion consumer who wears everything they can get their hands on: cutting through styles, eras, colours and materials, regardless of whether they’re fake or genuine. Late ’50s layered with ’70s styles, with the ’80s roaring over that, and then a splash of the ’90s to round things off. To match, ears adorned with in-your-face costume jewellery: bloomers of exaggerated (self-) perception. With her creations, Miuccia Prada finds herself on the home stretch to the future, leaving the long shadows of Post-modernism in her wake. Welcome to the era of Hyper-Realism.

Large, flower-shaped earrings with similarly oversized necklaces. Reminiscent of the British crown jewels.

Our Favourite
The ’60s fake-croc mini-dress combined with a bilious green-dyed python coat, matched with a model pupil’s striped collar. Not just over the top, but super over the top.

The Show
The runway show was accompanied by Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s first album Flaunt it, interspersed with the occasional Talking Heads hit and advertising slogans: the cacophony of the shopping mall. Fun fact: even Sigue Sigue Sputnik sold the breaks between the songs on their LP as commercial breaks.