Go wild with Miu Miu


Spring/Summer ’16 Collection at a Glance
Not even the craziest fashion blogger is likely to go so far as to wear these looks outdoors. And yet Miuccia Prada does stir up longing with her creations. Longing for a crazier, more fun-loving and tolerant approach to fashion on our streets. Where there are no constraints, no strange looks, no intolerance of what is different. Where everyone can be and look the way they want, even if it goes against every rule there is – like wearing your negligee over rather than underneath your other clothes. This irrational combination of lots of small fashion highlights – none of them overdone, all of them confidently and stylishly balanced so that no one drowns out another – would be no less desirable on a sociopolitical level.

Foxes should take cover. Because the fox’s tail is the accessory of next summer. It hangs from bags, from stoles, from coats, and is as much a part of the new look as ultra fantasy shoes: on the one hand Prada-esque patterned lace-up platform boots, on the other ballerinas with a wild fastening of laces, leather straps and ribbons. And hair was even topped with innocent tiaras!

Our Favourite
Simply everything. These are pre-school looks, like when little girls dress up: if they can’t decide what to wear, they simply wear everything, one item on top of another. Nothing is strange, anything goes, and everything is worn with the utmost conviction.