Etro: Tonal Shades

Autumn/Winter ’15 Collection at a Glance

Veronica Etro has settled down and made herself at home. Furnishings, warm shades, wood and metal: a balanced mix of materials that makes a room homely was the inspiration for her autumn collection. Warm, earthy tones, muted colours, a patchwork of patterns like a carpet of rustling autumn leaves. The collection feels a bit stuck in the ’70s, though less rocker than student, recreating a sense of the decade’s young intellectual milieu. In the long, flowing dresses with lots of patchwork and inserts, you feel like sitting in a club chair, smoking, drinking red wine and discussing the latest Peter Handke novel into the wee hours.

A clutch, held close to your heart like your favourite book. Leather belts around the waist.

Our Favourite
Floor-length patchwork dress with trouser-style belts and pockets.

The Show
Models and designers reappeared after the show in their tonal shades. As harmonic as a comfy living room on a cold autumn day.