Etro: Romantic mix

Spring/Summer ’16 Collection at a Glance
Sometimes even designers find it difficult to boil down exactly what it is they are trying to say with their collection. Veronica Etro did not have that problem this year. She was inspired just as much by botany as she was by romance. A bit Gypsy, a bit Russian ballet, with Victorian sleeves, nomad and hippy styles. And all that with great passion for detail while still keeping the overall picture in her sights. European folklore is the name given to this marriage of styles. A wonderfully harmonious marriage with a gold-brown-red palette.

The delicate neck and waist ribbons will be the bestsellers of next season.

Our Favourite
Romance meets bomber jacket. The romantically floral and ruched long dress with the similarly floral and playfully patterned aviator jacket with rolled-up sleeves. Girly has never been so feisty.