Etro: A man, a model, a stylist

What Men Wear in Spring/Summer 2017

Kean Etro seems to have taken the colour for his Blue Ikat collection from somewhere between the sky and the ocean. Lots of denim, blue, orange and the Ikat weaving technique, with which the yarn is dyed section by section. Complex colour patterns with loose cuts, for the travelling man of the world. At home on every ocean and every continent, and accordingly open-minded is how we could describe both Etro and his creations. This time around, he even put their usability to the test on the catwalk itself.

Etro casted non-professional models and gave them carte blanche in their choice of clothes. It wasn’t stylists, but rather the wearers themselves who decided what they would don for the catwalk. It’s an interesting approach, because it puts the fashion to the test even before it makes its way into the stores. Even Canita the dog joined his master, the non-model and founder of Solar magazine, on the runway, proving that these clothes are perfect for a Sunday walk in the springtime.