Etro and the Globetrotter


Autumn/Winter ’17 Collection at a Glance

Veronica Etro’s autumn/winter wardrobe takes you on a whirlwind world tour. Lots of Tibetan and Himalayan influences meet animal print, Native American references, chinoiserie and grungy check. The hype for the oversized can also be combined with ethno-chic: the cuts of the coats make them look like they could be worn by the entire family. In true hippie-style, the dresses are body-hugging, while the trousers are wide-legged and comfy.

The multicultural brand’s designer speaks of a collision of patterns and colours, of a festival rejoicing the whole world. The collection certainly has something for everyone: lotus flowers, little flags, leopard print, paisley, fur and leather paired with borders, embroidery and appliqué.