Emporio Armani’s Nod to Central Europe

Autumn/Winter ’15 Collection at a Glance

Giorgio Armani styles gender against the grain: feminine looks, “worn as nonchalantly as if they were menswear pieces,” say the notes to the show. But the styles don’t go so far as to be things you’d actually expect to see men in: wide seven-eighths-length trousers, skirts and fluffy jackets. This winter Armani breaks entirely with its sporty urban line. There is the folkloric from Central Europe, woollen skirts, flannel pleated skirts, knits that look handcrafted, dresses with puff sleeves, floral appliqué and velvet trousers. Black and grey dominate. Red and fading ikat patterns brighten things up a bit. Complement the look with a tousled bob. As always, you can rely on Armani’s signature elegance for eveningwear.

Small, cross-body bags dangling from the hip; ruched leather appliqué; men’s shoes in purple and red.

Our Favourite
Besides the comfortable, asymmetric velvet and woollen trousers, it’s the midriff-baring pearl embroidered blazer. The subtly shimmering embroidery covers a sleeve before petering out over the shoulder. The navel is the new décolleté.