Church’s – Shoes for life

The history of the traditional English company begins in 1873 with a small family business in Northampton. Then in 1913 the company was ennobled by a royal visit from King George and Queen Mary. Since 1999 the shoe manufacturer has belonged to Prada. Timeless craftsmanship is still a defining feature of their footwear: monk shoes, Oxfords, Derbies, monotone or in the classic black-and-white or brown-and-white contrast, with openwork or smooth and metallic, or loafers and sneakers for well-styled weekend wear. Then there are exquisite leather bags, wallets, umbrellas, belts and cufflinks. Everything timeless, designed to last a lifetime.

Shoe shining for beginners

By the way: for those who always used to refuse to shine their shoes and are now – having outgrown their childhood footwear – wondering how to do it properly, we warmly recommend the video tutorial. Whether shined or not, your feet are highly unlikely to suffer for this footwear.

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