Brunello Cucinelli: Natural Minerals

Autumn/Winter ’15 Collection at a Glance

Brunello Cucinelli takes us by surprise with cashmere fur: apparently it’s still possible to come up with things that never existed before. The manual labourers at the Solomeo-based fashion company comb, brush and massage the skin of the cashmere goat before coating it with a special finish until it is soft and light – to the point that it’s barely recognizable as a fur or leather product at all.

Make of that what you will, but don’t forget that there are few companies that can hold a candle to Brunello Cucinelli in matters of fair pay, good working conditions and sustainability.

The label is synonymous with cashmere – in every conceivable manifestation. This season it is interwoven with gold lurex, knit to a fine tension, brushed either to make it fluffy or as cuddly as fleece. The dominant shades of the autumn collection are reminiscent of natural minerals: sand, stone, ore, lava.