Alexander McQueen: Clogs and ruches

Spring/Summer ’16 Collection at a Glance
Sarah Burton peers into Victorian flower gardens, inspired by the silk weavers of 17th-century Spitalfields. As Protestant Hugenots, the weavers had fled to London’s East End from France. Even McQueen’s own family was partly descended from them. Burton’s small memorials to admired former patrons have remained and are closely intertwined in the romantic floral patterns with the history of London. They bear her unique style more than ever this spring.

Clogs open at the front and back, with a thick wooden sole, some even painted with flowers. Cross-body chains of all varieties, the Maltese cross and playfully Victorian, oversized earrings worn in one ear only, like at Roberto Cavalli.

Our Favourite
The verve with which Burton combines lace – beginning above like a tank top and ending below with late 19th-century rococo flounces – with casual white trousers and white sneakers.