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The classic nine-to-five office job in a standard grey cube is passé: thanks to flexibility, digitalization and working on demand, the good old desk as a fixed point and a status symbol in the office is increasingly doing a disappearing act. Instead, new trends are working to provide more efficiency and creativity in our daily business.

The open-plan office

Open office solutions accelerate the flow of information. But to prevent concentration and possibilities to retreat falling by the wayside, Nilufar Winkler Royce – once architect at BEHF and now proprietor of envyArchitecture – recommends using room dividers and sound-absorbent niches as quiet areas. “The fundamental architectural element in an open-plan office.” Made possible via separated glass units that serve as meeting rooms. Or via table, chair and sofa areas for meetings and undisturbed phone calls. But also – no longer a taboo at work – for creative breaks or yoga exercises between tasks.

Well-being at work

It’s common knowledge that “green spaces” – now also known by the technical term Biofilicic Design – provide well-being for all the senses. Now you can get close to nature in particularly cunning ways – purely for the purposes of demonstrably improved performance and creativity, of course: “For example by the targeted addition of green plants as room dividers in the form of large-scale ‘green walls’ or ‘vertical gardens’, e.g. by Florawall. They use hydroculture so don’t need any soil at all and are mounted on walls or wall pillars,” explains Winkler Royce. To help you get back to nature, there is also a wide range of office accessories made of natural wood and recycled paper, such as by Lederleitner Home.

Der klassische Nine-to-Five-Bürojob im grauen Einheitskobel ist passé: Durch Flexibilisierung, Digitalisierung und Arbeiten auf Abruf wird dabei der gute alte Schreibtisch als Fixpunkt und Statussymbol im Büro zunehmend zum schwindenden Objekt. Dafür will man mit neuen Trends für noch mehr Effizienz und Kreativität im Daily Business sorgen.

Green wall: Florawall, Art Aqua
Retreat areas, meeting points and room dividers by Bene 


Lenne Office by Kamp Architekt

Lenne Office by Kamp Architekt

Kamp Architects


Octagon Design by Lederleitner Home

Octagon Design by Lederleitner Home

Oktagon by Lederleitner Home





Wellbeeing Office






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