Wearable Couture by Valentino


Black and dramatic. That’s how the designer Pierpaolo Piccioli launched the show for the Valentino summer collection 2019 in Paris. A clever move: it meant he put the couture silhouettes with their sloping shoulders, voluminous sleeves and rounded backs centre stage. 

Summer collection 2019: pretty as a picture 

But of course that wasn’t all. Dresses in the Roman fashion label’s typical red naturally followed and seemed to morph effortlessly into more casual, wearable outfits with logo tops, pleated skirts and trench coats. 

Freedom is the theme of the season. Everyone should have the freedom to wear everything they want. Which is why Piccioli translated the values of haute couture into his runway collection. 

Another highlight was the colourful patterns that were presented at the end of the show. They were reminiscent of the paintings by Matisse in Marrakech or Gauguin on Tahiti. A perfect match for the giant hats with feathers, dark lipsticks and eye areas ornately adorned with rhinestones. 

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