Valentine’s Day – You Are My Heart’s Delight!


But don't change a hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little Valentine stay Each day is Valentines day. (Rodgers/Hart - My funny Valentine)
You are my heart’s delight! How many jazz standards, ballads, hits and love songs are there that revolve around just one thing: love, passion or longing. Not everyone can sing like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Celine Dion to express their deepest desires. But luckily there is a vast number of ways to tell your sweetheart “I’ve got a crush on you.”

The matching accessories for your pale pink Valentine’s bouquet can be found at the Golden Quarter. These are daily companions: key rings, wallets, earrings, a snuggly spring scarf. And every time that she picks up her keys, touches the earrings she’s wearing or ties her scarf, she’ll smile and think of who gave them to her. And if your sweetheart shares Cameron Diaz’s hobby of surfing, then you can even get her perfect pale pink surfing gear!

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