With Love on Valentine’s Day


On 14th February Amor will once again shoot his arrow. Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is the perfect excuse to give the people we love something special. These gifts from the international fashion labels are guaranteed to come from the heart.

The Valentine collection from Bottega Veneta has gone to the dogs – but in a good way! Our four-legged friends are not just a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty: in February it’s also Chinese New Year, and 2018 is the year of the dog. Animals are also all the rage at Miu Miu, where pairs of parrots adorn key fobs. In the animal kingdom, parrots are known for mating for life.

You can’t go wrong with the colours pink and red on Valentine’s Day. Declare your love with the heart-patterned dress by Alexander McQueen, or with the little red number by Valentino, which is perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Or bring a bit of love into your partner’s everyday wardrobe with the heart T-shirt by Saint Laurent or the pink striped trouser suit by Emporio Armani.

Want to give the woman in your life a heartfelt accessory? Go for the bucket bag by Miu Miu or the pink high heels by Valentino. Precious items are best kept safe in the jewellery box by Louis Vuitton. Or perhaps a rosé-coloured ring by Pomellato?