Seven Tipps from Victoria Beckham

Seven Tipps from Victoria Beckham

The evolution of Victoria Beckham’s personal style, from Empress Wag to chic international businesswoman is almost as compelling as her progression from pop star to respected designer. One reason for her continuing success is that the 41-year-old mother of four identifies with her customers and vice versa. “I understand their lifestyle,” she says. “I know exactly what they want. They need clothes for travelling in, partying, dinner dates and for the office. That customer is… me.” Constantly travelling to sell her label round the world (New York, Miami, London, Singapore, LA and Hong Kong in six weeks), she has learnt a thing or two about climate control, switching between hemispheres and dressing the part, even when it’s 40 degrees.
Here are VB’s must-haves and need-to-knows for looking good in the heat:
  1. A midi skirt is my favourite summer piece, whether you’re at a semi-casual event or work. It doesn’t matter if your legs are tanned or pale, it still works – with flats or a block heel.
  2. If you really have to look boardroom-smart when it’s hot, I like a tailored dress in a loose, breathable weave. A lot of women still need pieces like this, which is why I’ve got plenty of them in my collections. Apart from shoots, I’d never wear something that’s short and tight now. Back in the day, I didn’t mind feeling a bit uncomfortable. At 41, my motto is tailored not tight.
  3. To ward of freezing air conditioning, my latest thing is a plain duchesse satin black coat, which looks glossy and glamorous, but isn’t overkill. I’ll shoulder robe it indoors and pop it straight on when I get off a flight. It pulls everything together.
  4. I love denim in the summer, especially in London. I don’t like a very stretchy jean – it bags too much. I like something stiffer that holds you in rather than giving way. It looks smarter too. For evenings and more casual days, I love maxis. Chiffon is great, but crepe is surprisingly crease resistant too. I had one crepe maxi dress that came with me from London to New York to Miami and emerged from my case looking perfect. For night-time, add some jewellery and switch up your make-up.
  5. Talking of make-up, less is definitely more when it’s very hot. I avoid foundation, but go for tinted moisturisers and aim for that dewy “sunkissed” look. I use a pink-nude lip-liner all over my lips, with just a slick of balm – nothing too glossy. I like a light scent. The one I’m wearing today is a body cream from Weleda but I also love the fragrances from Byredo.
  6. I love a heel, and Manolo’s are the most comfortable. But you can’t beat a flat. In LA, I work out a lot so I’m often in trainers, but they can be hot. Chanel’s fit-flops are my new best friends.
  7. When it comes to swimwear, let’s just say it depends where I am. If I’m on a public beach, it’s a one-piece. If I’m secluded in the Maldives, it’s an Eres string bikini, with a vintage YSL kaftan or denim shorts. I need to protect my hair too, because the sun can wreck its colour and those SPF sprays for hair don’t work. It’s a turban for me. Very Liz Taylor.  My other essential is my elastic work out band. You’re going to be baring your arms. Sling this in your case and you can use it to tone your biceps, triceps wherever you are. It’s good for legs too.
Lisa Armstrong / The Daily Telegraph / The Interview People
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