Sparkly Add-Ons for Special Nights Out


Whether it’s a large heirloom or an opulent pearl necklace, jewellery is essential to any celebratory outfit. Follow just a few basic rules and you will be the belle of any ball.

  • Ladies, leave your watches at home. No matter how many diamonds it may be encrusted with, it is still not considered jewellery when worn with an evening gown. No one wants to be reminded of what time it is during an exhilarating evening at a ball. Unless you choose to do so in a humorous way with the clock bag by Alexander McQueen. Where time stands still.
  • Flamboyant dress, discreet jewellery. Short, close-fitting necklaces are best suited to a long evening gown. Add the necessary glamour to a simple dress with colourful stones. Such as the necklace from the new Louis Vuitton Blossom High Jewellery Collection with a teal beryl. Or a ring with a mandarin garnet or earrings with sage green tsavorites. These rare stones come from a mine in Tanzania that was only recently discovered.
  • An ostentatious necklace does not combine well with eye-catching earrings – in fact, they clash. An alternative would be to wear a large necklace with nude ears and add jewellery to your hair, instead.
  • Long earrings look best when your hair is pinned up.
  • If you’re wearing long gloves, then you can wear rings and bracelets on top – colourful but understated! Such as the M’ama non m’ama collection by Pomellato.
  • And last but not least: always coordinate your outfit with your partner. He’s more than just a sparkly add-on – he is the cherry on your perfectly iced cake.