Office 2015: Are you still working, or have you started living?

Office 2015: Are you still working, or have you started living?


Smart, light and not cluttered. Furniture with a history, preferably made from high-quality ecological materials. What is currently an interior design trend for private homes applies 1:1 to modern office spaces. It’s not just in your home office that work and life merge – even corporate headquarters prefer the “lounge look” to grey office supplies. Here a comfy couch where people chat in person instead of online. There a solid wooden table with designer chairs – perfect for a meeting and for a joint company lunch.

Modern-day offices focus on communication, creativity and interaction. And on good design – it does reflect the company image, after all. Oak, black steel and brass are used for cool office lamps and modular shelving systems. With lots of accessories to show off in between. Here are the trends for workers and workplaces.

For Managers
With braces and cufflinks by Bottega Veneta or the capacious “Voyage” briefcase by Louis Vuitton, your colleague will be stylishly equipped for his business lunch or out-of-office meeting. Electronic gadgets are best stowed away in elegant leather cases. Such as in the iPad sleeve by Mulberry in a cheerful steel blue.

For Desks
The Danes provide our favourite desk chair, the Austrians the odds and ends above. The “Raft Stool” by &tradition is made of driftwood; there should be one in every creative studio. Lederleitner Home wows workers with letter openers made of horn and the unpretentious light bulb lamp “Edison”. So that we can have a supercool light bulb moment even when the project deadline is looming.

For Breaks
Nothing beats the lounge-like seating by Lederleitner Home when you need to switch off for a minute to recharge your batteries. Pause for reflection on the “Grasshopper” leather lounger and it will carry you away on a brief mental holiday. With headphones to help you switch off and a retro alarm to wake you up from your power nap.

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