Fluorescent Fashion


Standing out from the crowd is the name of the game. How? With bright neon colours! They’ll make a good impression in the frenzy of flashing cameras at the Viennale, too. At Louis Vuitton men wear lurid yellow and garish green – not just as a jumper and bag, but also as accessories such as sunglasses and sneakers.

Garish green meets lurid yellow

Prada has a whole palette of fluorescent colours to choose from. Green, yellow, pink and orange are mixed here in a range of synthetic materials. The trend has arrived at Miu Miu in print form.

The approach taken by Etro is to join in, but more subtly. Here a flash of brightly coloured socks draws your attention down to the ankles. Your gaze is directed even lower at Emporio Armani, with gleaming green boots.

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