The ABC of Men’s Shoes


While women buy an average of seven new pairs of shoes a year, for men that number is a mere two. Yet the argument that there’s less choice for men simply doesn’t hold water. Although most popular shoe models can be traced back to a relatively small number of standard styles, the variations on those themes are more diverse now than ever before. Here are the 5 most important summer trends for men’s feet.

A for ankle boot
Boots that only reach as high as your ankle. The most famous version being the Chelsea boot. They have adorned the feet of most men, from the aristocracy to the Beatles. Their inventor was Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall. An alternative to Chelsea boots are half-boots with a sturdy sole – a must-have with destroyed jeans.

B for boat shoe
Light fabric shoes with white soles are a must – and not just on sailing boats. This summer, no relaxed Sunday will be complete without them. The boat shoe’s advanced brother: the converted diving shoe.

M for monk strap
A bit more fashionable than the elegant Oxford, it is done up with one or two buckles rather than laces. Monk straps with fringes and textile inserts that look used are the version you’ll want to wear this season.

S for sneakers
This summer, it’s time to ditch your garishly loud sneakers – unless they’re retro, that is. Understatement is what we’re looking for. Wear low-top leather sneakers, preferably in brown, black, white or beige. Meaning that they go just as well with an elegant pair of trousers as with brightly coloured shorts.

T for toes
In this age of equality, it has long been acceptable for men to don sandals and toe shoes, too. Playful, with laces, made of multi-coloured high-tech plastic or high-end materials. For those who don’t want to sweat the summer away in closed leather shoes but aren’t daring enough to try toe shoes, we recommend espadrilles and stylish loafers.

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