Back to the Future with Louis Vuitton


What an anachronism: designer Nicolas Ghesquière presenting his space-age collection for Louis Vuitton for spring and summer 2019 in the historic Parisian landmark that is the Louvre. A look at the lookbook. 

The 47-year-old has drawn on the futuristic forms of his earlier work and repeatedly combined them with an ’80s aesthetic. His inspiration comes from the interplay between virtual realities on social media and real life. 

Time travel à la Louis Vuitton 

What does the collection look like? High-tech materials, mesh embroidered with sequins and space suits with metallic floral jacquard – not forgetting wild ’80s prints – are recurring features of the styles. Interspersed with androgynous outfits that add a sense of calm to the show. 

With his collection Ghesquière also wants to tell the history of adventurers, landscapes and far-off lands. Walking the catwalk becomes an expedition between the worlds of fiction and reality. After all, travel has always been the brand’s main focus. 

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