Keep up with Kim Jones
Kim Jones

Keep up with Kim Jones


Kim Jones, 35, has been the artistic director of men’s collections at Louis Vuitton since 2012. He trained at Central Saint Martins and got his break when John Galliano bought his entire graduate collection.

Louis Vuitton

My working methods at Vuitton really start with the house’s heritage as a travel brand, so I tend to look at the archives first. There are pieces in the archives from the 1920s and 1930s that still look incredibly modern, and there’s a great deal to be learnt in how those heritage pieces are made. I travel a great deal to research too, because I’m very much of the mind that if you’re spending all this money on certain items, they’ve got to be of the best quality, the most beautiful fabrics and the most impressive cuts.

Sports and Style

I think sportswear has become ingrained in the modern man’s wardrobe. I’ve always looked at sportswear in my collections, particularly that sense of ease that’s inherent to American sports fashion. For my spring/summer collection at Louis Vuitton I combined smart suiting with sneakers to give that sense of casualness.

Daily Uniform

My standard outfit at the moment is based around the need to feel comfortable and run around from A to B with ease. I usually wear chinos and a T-shirt from Louis Vuitton, some vintage Levi’s jeans and Air Jordans. It may be informal but I’m on the go all day so it makes sense. I start each day with a bath instead of a shower, because there’s more time to reflect and think on the day ahead, and stick to SkinCeuticals products, because they’re fantastic.


Paris isn’t really an exercise city, but it’s a beautiful place to walk around so I do a great deal of that – no one can keep up with my fast pace!


I absolutely love the Aman hotels and have visited ones in America, Bhutan, India and Tokyo. They set a standard because they’re luxurious without being in-your-face, they’re minimal but comfortable. The Amangani in Yellowstone National Park is incredible, with bears and moose walking past the hotel.

Inspirational People

My mentor was Louise Wilson, the late course director of the fashion MA at Central Saint Martins. She was my tutor and became a good friend. She was always on hand for advice and very, very funny. If I called her feeling stressed or down I could end the conversation roaring with laughter. I miss her greatly and think about her every day.   Stephen Doig/ST Men/The Interview People
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