Johnny Coca, the New Creative Force at Mulberry
Johnny Coca / Mulberry

Johnny Coca, the New Creative Force at Mulberry

The traditional London label didn’t exactly rush to a decision: Mulberry searched high and low for an appropriate successor to creative director Emma Hill. Last summer the time had finally come and they named Johnny Coca as the man to follow in Hill’s footsteps. Born in Spain, he has already worked at Louis Vuitton and at Céline, where he was co-inventor of the highly coveted Trapeze Bag and other blockbuster items. Now it is his task to kiss life back into Mulberry after its Sleeping Beauty-like slumber and breathe some of the British coolness – and touch of London punk – that it is famous for back into the label. 3 things you absolutely have to know about Johnny Coca:
  1. Coca was born in Seville and actually wanted to become an automotive developer for Mercedes. Instead he studied architecture and art at the École des Beaux-Arts and the École Boulle in Paris. He speaks four languages and teaches at the renowned Central St. Martins art school, one of the world’s greatest producers of designers. Coca started his career at Louis Vuitton. Doing shop window displays.
  2. He has dug up the Mulberry label design from 1971 and removed the tree from the logo. He found it too un-British.
  3. Then Coca redesigned the legendary Mulberry Bayswater. He loves numbers. When he designs a handbag, he has already mentally factored in its price. And, according to Coca, that means the price tag should return to something more reasonable.

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