11 Twinkly Tokens of Love


Although it has come to be seen by some cynics as a commercial gimmick to support the floral and chocolate industries, the whole point of Valentine’s Day, of course, is to celebrate love – so successful an idea that it is one of the oldest surviving commemoration days. And it used to have a function not dissimilar to today’s online dating websites. Which is why Valentine’s Day was also known as “lot day”: in 15th-century England couples were created by drawing lots, and they would then send each other small gifts or poems. For many, the custom was probably the first step on the way to marriage.

So it stands to reason that the date has become a yearly reminder to show your loved one some affection. Perhaps with a small piece of jewellery: literally give your partner your heart, or put it on her finger. The rings by Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen – the latter even has space inside it to hide a love letter or a miniature photo – are true labours of love. Whereas the necklaces by Etro and Prada are guaranteed to have pride of place in your beloved’s jewellery box. The brilliantly coloured stones on the bangles from the M’ama non m’ama collection by Pomellato ask: she loves me, she loves me not? And at Louis Vuitton what seems like the most complicated affair in the world is reduced to the simple message: Love. That’s what makes the world go round, nothing more and nothing less. Every single day!

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