Interview: Stefan Armbruster
Stefan Armbruster

Stefan Armbruster

Interview: Stefan Armbruster


Having grown up in the Black Forest, Stefan Armbruster now commutes between Paris and Vienna. Born in Germany, he started his career as a model and has worked for Hugo Boss, L’Officiel Hommes, GQ and Another Magazine. Just recently he shot the latest campaign for designer Marina Hoermanseder with Austrian top model Stella Lucia. Now he’s focusing his lens on the Goldenes Quartier’s key looks for winter 2016. We caught up with him in summery Vienna – and found out just what kind of guy Stefan Armbruster really is.

Occupation: Photographer
New in his portfolio: Directing fashion films
Alternative career: Musician
Goes on a shopping spree at: Knize

What is it about Vienna that you look forward to when you come back after spending time in Paris?
Taking my daughter to school. And the charmingly slower pace of the city.

Do you subscribe to the statement, “Vienna is a fashion metropolis”?
Vienna has great opportunities for studying fashion. However, most designers move abroad straight afterwards, save for a few good exceptions like Wendy & Jim or Petar Petrov. Actually, I’d be more inclined to call Paris, London and New York fashion metropolises, but I’ve noticed that things are happening in Vienna – not least thanks to the Goldenes Quartier. Vienna is a fashion metropolis with all the top brands in the luxury sector, that’s how I’d put it.

Which songs do you listen to when you’re feeling melancholic?
That’s when I listen to Glenn Gould.

Who do you most like to cook for?
For friends and family, preferably Asian or Italian food. I really love making spicy Asian salads!

Which places in Vienna do you show your daughter?
We often cruise through the city by bike – we love going to the Old Danube for a swim. She sits at the back and usually sings, which is really wonderful.

Your favourite coffee house for a Melange (coffee), cake and a newspaper?
The Café Prückel or the Schwarzes Kameel.

Where do you go for a meal with your production team after a long day at work?
To Skopik & Lohn or Nautilus on the Naschmarkt.

Who have you recently serenaded on the guitar?
My daughter Ava.

The name of your first band?

Which brand new item of clothing is hanging in your wardrobe?
A Moroccan kaftan.

Which café or pub garden are you spending your summer in?
The Glacis Beisl, for example.

Which film have you watched countless times?
The Mirror by Andrei Tarkowski.

Schnitzel or Tafelspitz (prime boiled beef)?

White wine spritzer or Krügerl (mug of beer)?

Which of your next projects are you looking forward to?
The Bonneville Speed Week in the Salt Lake Desert in Utah. I’m shooting a fashion editorial and a film for Intersection Magazine there.

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