Interview: Jana Wieland
Jana Wieland c Georg Anthony Svatek

Jana Wieland c Georg Anthony Svatek

Interview: Jana Wieland


Occupation Freelance Fashion Designer, Model
Age 25
Location Vienna
Favourite style in Vienna loose, lightweight trousers; loose, long shirt; flat elegant shoes

You can be too old for trends, but you can never be too old for fashion.

“For me, the most fulfilling feeling comes from materializing an idea,” says Jana Wieland. The 25-year-old from Vienna is a Freelance Fashion Designer and Model. She presented her first collection in 2012; in 2015, 60+ Anna von Rüden is modelling Wieland’s creations. “You can be too old for trends, but you can never be too old for fashion. Individual style is something that matures. It has nothing to do with age or money,” Wieland is convinced. She is the cover model of En Suite, the magazine of the Goldenes Quartier.

What do you think about on Monday mornings?
About getting up. I love getting up.

What does it look like in your wardrobe?
At first glance, boring: my own everyday wear is really comfortable, but I’m not always conscious of it. It makes me feel free and flexible.

Bags or shoes?
Shoes! They define my movements and posture – my appearance – much more than bags do. I own some 30 pairs of shoes and only two bags.

Which fashion trends have you noticed in Vienna?
The same as in Paris, Milan or NYC three years ago. I don’t say that cynically – I find it cute.

What is typically Viennese and worth copying?
Being a regular at a coffee house when you’re elderly.

What should disappear from our streetscapes as quickly as possible?
Plastic bags. They make everyone look cheap.

Tell us a short story about your favourite item of clothing.!
Pyjama trousers made of silk. End of the self-evident story.

Were you interested in fashion as a child?
Christmases and my birthdays were fantastic: as a toddler I used to unwrap the presents very carefully, ignore them completely and wear the wrapping paper as a dress.

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