Interview: Ilvie Wittek
Ilvie Wittek (c) Kosmas Pavlos

Ilvie Wittek (c) Kosmas Pavlos

Interview: Ilvie Wittek


Occupation Model
Age 23
Favourite Item of Clothing Vintage, used Jeans, bought in NYC
Passion Dog training

Gardener, groom, nurse or cosmetic surgeon: those were Ilvie Wittek’s dream jobs when she was a child. Yet she became a model by chance when a head booker from Wiener Models discovered her on the metro. She cut her teeth aged just 13, won the Vienna Fashion Award in 2012, models for Prada and Louis Vuitton, and is booked for editorials in Vogue and recently for the Goldenes Quartier’s En Suite magazine. “What I like about life as a model is that you’re always meeting new people and characters, travelling and the results of our work,” says the 23-year-old.

Describe your favourite item of clothing!
My own skin. It’s smooth, easy to wear and protects me from environmental impacts.

Is there a system to the way you do your laundry?
It’s normal, I think, like every woman would do it: normal laundry at 40°C, jeans, underwear separate at 60C°.

When and where would we see you looking sloppy?
At home, on Sundays, while shopping and when I’m travelling.

Let us in on a secret: who’s your favourite photographer?
Harley Weir, Irina Gavrich, Stefan Armbruster. Their passion for detail, the way they stage and portray the locations make them stand out.

What are you particularly proud of in your life?
My perseverance, the way I don’t let things get me down, and my drive to experience many things, as well as the way I live my life – with respect for Mother Earth.

You try to live consciously and sustainably. What part does Vienna play in that lifestyle?
Vienna is a city that supports it in many ways: from ecological skincare and fair fashion to health food shops, you can find everything here.

What did we forget to ask you?
What I think about factory farming, about poverty and corporations, about topics that are global and important.

Which question shouldn’t we have asked?
The laundry question!

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