Interview: Einfach 3
e3 Architekten (c) Beatrix Kovats Trikopics

e3 Architekten (c) Beatrix Kovats Trikopics

Interview: Einfach 3


If Klaus Pristounig and Thomas Zenger were superheroes, Vienna would be by the seaside and would have its own skiing region. The Einfach 3 architects come from Klagenfurt and Salzburg, have offices in Vienna and Klagenfurt, and design houses, apartments, studios and boutiques. In the Goldenes Quartier, they are behind 13 penthouse apartments and the Brunello Cucinelli store.

Name Klaus Pristounig/Thomas Zenger
Age 40/40
Location Bad Vöslau (Lower Austria)/Vienna
Occupation Architects
Favourite Furniture 100-year-old chest from my grandparents’ attic/Hammock

A Can of Tomato Sauce and a Bath Pearl

Einfach 3 is now in its seventh year. Where do you head off to when the other person is annoying you?
In unisono: to the Amerlingbeisl.

What do you have on your desk – other than your computer?
Pristounig: An old can of tomato sauce for my pens.
Zenger: Far too much to list it all in full. But all of it is important!

How have you decorated your home?
Pristounig: I converted a Heurigenlokal (wine tavern) south of Vienna into a house and tried to reuse the old materials and put them to a new purpose.
Zenger: In a down-to-earth way.

Is there a clear style?
Pristounig: There is a basic concept, but I just want to let it grow and keep changing it.
Zenger: It’s pure coincidence, reinforced by neglect.

You invite us over. What do you show us?
Pristounig: How you can make steps out of beams, and that unwrought steel plates used as fireplace surrounds can radiate warmth into the room.
Zenger: My bay window – it has such a beautiful view – and the bathroom, the pearl of the apartment.

What would you cook for us?
Pristounig: I would see which vegetables in the garden were ready for harvesting – and serve that with some fresh fish.
Zenger: Steaks, medium rare, and a cold beer.

Which restaurant have you only recently discovered?
In unisono: the Kussmaul on the Spittelberg.

Which trends have you noticed in Vienna?
Pristounig: Vienna is becoming more eco-minded. Environmental trends are winning through in spite of opposition.
Zenger: The city has been becoming more international since the 90s, with all of the good and bad consequences that that entails. The good consequences outweigh the bad.

You designed the Brunello Cucinelli store. Do you wear cashmere?
Pristounig: I usually go for low-maintenance clothes. Our clothes can be chic by all means, but they also have to be appropriate things to wear on construction sites.
Zenger: No. Too expensive and far too difficult to wash.

Who has the last word?
Pristounig: Both of us, all of the time.
Zenger: Me, of course! Who else?

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