Feeling Hyggelig at Home


Have you heard of hygge? Viennese Gemütlichkeit (sociability, cosy atmosphere) may be world famous, but we can still learn a thing or two from the Danes when it comes to braving bad weather, ever darker days and icy temperatures. Because despite all that, the Danes are ranked the happiest nation in the world – and they say hygge is the reason why.

“Hygge” roughly means “cosiness, comfort, contentment”, making life beautiful and finding pleasure in the little things. Whether curling up in a comfy chair with a good book, drinking a great cup of tea or cooking comfort food in the kitchen.

If you’re searching for a hyggelig attitude towards life, you’re bound to strike gold at Lederleitner Home. Things that make everyday life more beautiful can be found here in droves. Of course, flowers are a must when it comes to creating a sense of well-being in your own four walls. The preserved roses in a box by Fleurs de Paris are not just a feast for the eyes, they are also a gift that keeps on giving: they will last for years.

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