Historical Trails through Vienna

Historical Trails through Vienna


Actor and author Elisabeth-Joe Harriet strolls along literary and historical trails through the Austrian capital. Some of those trails take her to the Goldenes Quartier, and she will bring us along with her and her numerous anecdotes to experience life in part of Vienna that is steeped in rich history.

Harriet has American roots but a soft spot for European – especially Austrian – culture and history. She is enamoured of the country – its anecdotes, stories and the bon mots of its well-and lesser-known lords and ladies. On her literary trails and in her chamber plays you meet the red archduchess, witness a ménage-à-trois in the imperial household, and turn your attention to both coffee house literature and summer holidays in the city. Harriet brings history to life and tells stories in an entertaining yet personal way. “Literature and history are often rather dry subject matters that need life breathing into them, and my entertaining trails with actors turn them on their heads,” according to Harriet. What’s more, the author is just as successful as a cabaret artist as she is as artistic director of the Höfefest Klosterneuburg, and as intendant in 2011 she helped to launch the Kultur Sommer Semmering.

In her latest project “Vom Krapfen zum Goldenen Quartier” (From Doughnuts to the Goldenes Quartier) she leads you through the Seitzergasse, Bognergasse, Tuchlauben and Am Hof. And tells you about Mozart buying clothes, the ransom for Richard the Lionheart, the regular gathering of artists in the largest subterranean nightclub, Elysium, which was famous far beyond the Austrian borders and which was located here, in these cellars.


Click here for more literature-on-tour trails by Elisabeth-Joe Harriet (website in German).


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