Sparkle, Shine, Shimmer


Perfect irregularity and sensory unconventionality: there is no better way to explain summer 2017’s jewellery trends. And that’s precisely how Pomellato describes their new line: Nudo Assoluto was launched to celebrate the 50th year of the Italian label. But that description also applies to contemporary jewellery in general. Its amorphous shapes are extremely effective at conveying a sense of uniqueness. When straight lines, angles and edges make way for organic shapes, the result simply radiates vibrancy.

Asymmetry and size

Lots of jewellery trends go hand in hand with their clothing counterparts. Asymmetry, for example, is currently a particularly prominent design technique: it produces irregularity, which is more visually stimulating and eye-catching. And size is definitely important. “The bigger, the better” seems to have been the jewellery motto at the international fashion shows. And last but not least: ethno. Shapes from different regions and ages, brought up to date for 2017.

But not everything that’s deemed trendy is actually wearable. Before you buy, think about the wearer’s style: is she classic or cutting edge? Does she prefer yellow, white or rose gold? Is she a fan of embellishments and symbols? Is she someone who opts for bold colours or pastels? Does she like regularity or chaos? Does she love practicality or compromises? Find the answers and you’re well on your way to choosing the perfect piece. Because at the end of the day, jewellery has one main purpose: to express the wearer’s personality!

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