UEFA Euro 2016: Close at hand


Austria is overcome with football fever as never before. For the first time in the history of Austrian football, we have qualified for the European Championship without having to host the games in order to take part. It must be down to the women. Because the days when football stadiums were a men-only space are long gone. We have found the prettiest and most stadium-friendly bags to help you enjoy the matches in style.

A red net bag would be ideal

They should be comfy to wear close to your body and not too bulky. But they have to be big enough for your male partner’s and/or friends’ important gear to fit in. Where else should they put their wallets, smartphones and bunches of keys, after all? Their pockets simply aren’t big enough. By the same token, only women who can manage to limit themselves to one lipstick and one tissue could try to make do with sharing their partner’s Valentino waist satchel. For everyone else there are the ruffled sports bags by Louis Vuitton or Etro, small cross body bags by Valentino and Kiton, the latter even in an Austrian shade of red; the Mulberry rucksacks are in equally patriotic hues. Practical for the stadium security check: the mini-handbag by Emporio Armani made of translucent netting.

Definitely not stadium-wear, though stunning: the clutches by Alexander McQueen with knuckleduster-esque, artistic clasps. We may be reluctant, but we really must leave those at home.