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Miu Miu

With over 94,000 visitors, the Viennale is Austria’s biggest film festival. Moving pictures are also essential in the fashion industry: without them, everything grinds to a halt. Short films, impressions of the fashion weeks, new releases and backstage videos regularly make their way onto the brands’ YouTube channels and other social media sites. Let’s see what they have to offer.

For a few years now, Prada has been producing ambitious film projects. They have already created four shorts, including one by director Wes Anderson. The latest is by David O. Russell and called „Past Forward“ over the course of 12 minutes, it shows a mysterious day in the life of three women. Women also take centre stage in Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales. Exclusively female directors were hired for the films and Miu Miu gave them carte blanche for everything but the wardrobe. The [end) of history illusion by Celia Rowlson-Hall is the latest in the series. Her 13-minute film depicts life in a luxury bunker after a nuclear catastrophe. Colourful fashion, upbeat music and dancing protagonists make light work of an initially alarming scenario.

The new collection by Saint Laurent is being promoted with moving pictures. On motorbikes or in a taxi through the dark streets of Tokyo in dim bars and with allusions to geishas: all this encapsulates the flair of the collection. Bottega Veneta filmed a one-minute video entitled „Mixed Messages“ in Lee House. Mulberry, on the other hand, draws our attention to the new Amberley bag collection in a stable. Louis Vuitton shows the inspiration for their collection with the aid of the founder Gaston-Louis Vuitton.

A glimpse behind the scenes at the exceptional craft skills required to make their luxury products is provided by both Pomellato and Brioni. By contrast, Etro has opted for the „How to wear it“  approach. Most recently with How to wear the Paislina.