Interview: Praline Le Moult
Praline Le Moult (c) Maria Ziegelbäck

Praline Le Moult (c) Maria Ziegelbäck

Interview: Praline Le Moult


Eugène Le Moult was a butterfly catcher and adventurer, and his great-great-granddaughter Praline is bringing his stories back to life in her sleepwear range. P. Le Moult is the name of her Viennese label that sells hand-printed cotton pyjamas to urban adventurers.

Tell us about upcoming projects for the next months!
Le Moult is planning a European Tour, a bit like a rock band. But in our case, showing our pyjamas and butterflies in an exhibition called “Devil´s Island”. We tried it in Vienna a few weeks ago and it was magic to build the entomologic cabinet of my great-grandfather, the jungle in a tent, mannequins made of butterfly net…a real adventure which we want to share in other towns to present the brand.

Best place in Vienna to experience an adventure?
One can camp in the Naturhistorische Museum, book a guided tour at night, lights off. You are allowed to take your torch, your sleeping bag and I suppose your lover too. Creepy and romantic at the same time!

Three tricks to survive in Vienna´s Urban Jungle?
A wise bunch of friends to guide you through the long winter nights.
An accurate sense of viennese humor.
A good sense of timelessness because when walking through the city, one finds herself travelling to the 19th century and back to the future.

Where do you meet “très chic” people in Vienna?
“Très Chic” in french also means kind, friendly and elegant from the inside out. Vienna has a good number of très chic people! You meet them in the most unexpected places, like in the queue to buy flowers at the Karmelitermarkt or washing your hands after a good meal at Skopik und Lohn.

One piece of furniture you would always move in any home?
A block of 30 wooden drawers from an old garage that my mother got for her 30th birthday (my birth) and which she gave me a few years ago. Though it is heavy, it came along with me to Vienna and just appeared in our latest show, as the counter. As well as being very practical to sort things away, it carries and sets a good atmosphere everywhere it goes.

Last picture you hung on the wall..?
A Blue Morpho (my great-grandfather´s favourite butterfly, he wrote books about them), in a classic black butterfly box, pined on one of our latest print from the “Transatlantic” collection.

Best place to get kissed in Vienna?
The Schmetterlingshaus in the Burggarten, possibly when it is snowing or rainy weather.

What’s your wake up routine?
A deep breath in, a deep breath out, family hug and a warm drink.

What are you proud of?
My son´s multicoloured eyes.

How do you make the world a better place?
By trying to stay calm and together in moments of stress and conflict, engaging with people from all backgrounds in a very neutral and kind way. Being honest with myself, in order to be honest with all others. Not thinking of profit when doing things, acting freely, for the beauty of it, by breading butterflies instead of killing them.

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