Cheers, Bank Director!
The Bank Brasserie & Bar

The Bank Brasserie & Bar

Cheers, Bank Director!


The Bank Brasserie & Bar has a new cosmopolitan signature cocktail menu – reason enough to have a look over the shoulder of the creative barkeeper Stefan Bauer.

Previously, everything at the Park Hyatt Vienna’s bar had revolved around old currencies, but now the old banking professions are on the menu – sorry, on “The Bank Times”. Whether analyst, bank manager, accountant, secretary or treasurer, every job has its very own cocktail. “The Secretary”, for example, is a fruity, light and refreshing cocktail with a cinnamon foam topping. The polar opposite of “The Broker”, a strong, old-fashioned-style cocktail that combines natural aromas like birch sugar, pollen and pinewood. Bauer even serves “The Cashier” with sparkling gold dust.

For us the bartender mixed “The Bank Director”. Why not try it yourself:

5cl La Quinteneya Rouge (red vermouth)
4cl blood orange juice
1cl Ingwerer liqueur
0,5cl Jägermeister
10cl Champagne

Pour all of the ingredients into a red wine glass filled with ice cubes and stir gently. Done.


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