Childrenswear: Imaginatively trendy


Chasing after trends is never a good idea – and that applies to childrenswear just as much as to adult’s clothing: it’s always best to foster your own, individual style, instead. Most children will do that on their own, if they’re given a chance…and the items they find trendy are those that are fun and spark their imaginations. Styling yourself is something you need to do even if you’re just a tiny tot. You follow in the footsteps of Mum and Dad and your idols. Which is how you develop your own style and tastes.

Sharp contrasts, bright colours, glitter and sequins are always hits among children. “It should be comfy, sit well, grow with them, and not restrict movement while they’re playing,” according to Christiane Gruber from the label Awareness & Consciousness. Lots of brands focus on themes that children love, whether it’s an outing into a fairy-tale forest, a journey to the moon or an expedition to the North Pole. The latter two, at least, are well suited to encouraging your little ones to wrap up warm over the coming months in thick boots and winter wear.