Behind the Scenes at the Show


Models, make-up, music and location. On and off the catwalk, everything intertwines perfectly to create the best possible setting for star of the show: the fashion itself. But behind the scenes, what looks effortless to the audience is anything but. A whole throng of organizers, make-up artists and dressers is busy preparing the models to strut down the catwalk. And then there’s the lighting, acoustics and seating arrangements to coordinate. We were flies on the wall at the autumn/winter shows back in March: here’s a sense of what we saw.

Hustle and bustle backstage

The planning for a show has to begin months in advance because big fashion labels occasionally want elaborate settings for their shows. Violet plush was a big deal at Miu Miu, making an appearance on the invitations, bench seats and even the columns. Posters and beds at Prada made you feel like you were in a student apartment. Not only do such features leave a lasting impression on the spectators, but they also make for great photos – which are shared almost in real time on social media.

After all, the purpose of a fashion show is not just to show off the new collection in the best possible light. The whole ensemble also has to express the creative director’s inspiration and message as well as send the visitors – buyers, journalists, influencers and celebrities – into raptures. For example, in Paris Louis Vuitton invited stars like Michelle Williams and Catherine Deneuve to the Louvre after official opening hours to unveil the new trends to them in person.