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7 for All Mankind

High-waisted, hyperwashed, destroyed; as 5-pocket, tapered or with a zip fly. The dictionary of jeanswear has grown considerably in recent seasons after years when skinny jeans and jeggings (a combination of jeans and leggings) had swamped the denim market. Now we’re back to talking about cuts and washes. It’s hardly surprising that everyone is talking about high-end jeans like those by 7 for All Mankind. Because it’s impossible to produce fashionable models without the necessary know-how. And the experts in Los Angeles have that know-how in bucketloads.

That’s where the label – known as “Seven” by fashion enthusiasts – was founded in 2010. Last year it was sold by the VF Corporation to the Israeli firm Delta Galil. Let’s take a closer look at the company.

Delta Galil has a passion for innovation: experimental cuts are intended to increase comfort. New materials and new methods are declared to be moving the fashion industry forwards. According to a report on the corporation’s website, there is talk in their headquarters of developing a new cotton that cools the body and intelligent laser cuts for activewear that facilitate more movement. Isaac Debah from Delta Galil believes that these patents will transform the company – to which Seven now belongs – from a textile to a high-tech business.

Finishing jeans

A single pair of jeans comprises an average of 60 individual components like the zip, pockets and belt loops, which are pieced together in some 100 individual steps to create the final product. The most elaborate stage is the so-called “finishing process”, which refers to the various washes, patterns and decorations.

Stonewashed denim has a sort of dappled white pattern. That is achieved by washing the trousers in a washing machine with pumice stones. Destroyed denim is washed for even longer, brushed, sprayed and sandblasted. Then holes and frayed edges are added.

The trends at 7 for All Mankind are as follows: reworked vintage aesthetic, a deconstructed style in different denims, destroyed-look jeans with holes, ankle-length, embroideries and fringes at the hem. All in all: they capture that California feeling. And celebrities like that. Jeans by Seven hang in the wardrobes of Hollywood greats like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds.

The craftsmanship, the passion, the perfectionism, the company values: those are the most essential criteria to make a sought-after brand. Something that you can best sense when you’re surrounded by the goings-on in the heart of the company. We have been permitted to visit the studios of the labels in the Goldenes Quartier and look over the shoulders of the creatives who work there.
Part 8 in the series: 7 For All Mankind.

Part 8 in the series: 7 For All Mankind.


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