Behind the Scenes at the Brioni Ateliers



6,000 stitches sewn by hand, 220 steps and 22 effective work hours. Those are the key data that go into making a Brioni suit. What you see and feel are top-quality materials, perfect workmanship and Brioni’s signature classic cuts. Hardly surprising, bearing in mind the company had a formative influence on prêt-àcouture clothing. Handcrafted ready-made fashion – in other words, a combination of prêt-à-porter and haute couture. 

Founded in Rome in 1945 by the tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and the designer Gaetano Savini, the company soon came to symbolize the exclusive lifestyle of its wearers. Even the name is synonymous with the good life in Italy: the Brijuni Islands in Croatia, known as Brioni in Italian, were the destination for European jetsetters from the late 19th century.

Traditional tailoring and cultural heritage

Since 1959 Brioni has been headquartered in Penne in the Abruzzi. It is the heartland of the Italian tailoring tradition, a cultural heritage that has been passed on to young talents by experienced masters for centuries. Which is why the Scuaola di Alta Sartoria, the first and only tailoring school in Italy, was founded there in 1985. It became their secret recipe: their own school for their own tailors.

Brioni legends

Brioni accoutres the European aristocracy and Hollywood stars. At the label, they are called the Brioni legends. Pierce Brosnan is one of them – and he’s Brioni’s current brand ambassador. Needless to say, no red carpet is complete without Brioni: Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt even Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the list of celebs who have worn their suits. Nina-Maria Nitsche, Brioni’s first female creative director, is now breathing new life into the company.

The craftsmanship, the passion, the perfectionism, the company values: those are the most essential criteria to make a sought-after brand. Something that you can best sense when you’re surrounded by the goings-on in the heart of the company. We have been permitted to visit the studios of the labels in the Goldenes Quartier and look over the shoulders of the creative minds who work there.

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