Interview: Andreas Waldschütz
Andreas Waldschütz

Andreas Waldschütz

Interview: Andreas Waldschütz


Occupation Photographer
Lives in Vienna and Berlin
Listens to Radio Arabella

“I’m a big hits fan!”

The filmmaker and photographer is self-taught and a lateral thinker. The way he mixes the analogue with the digital pulls no punches, and he sees his mission in creating images that tell more than just a nice story. He has photographed pretty much everyone for everything: from Adrien Brody to Cid Rim for the Presse’s Schaufenster magazine to Italian Vogue – and now the key looks shoot for the Goldenes Quartier. He commutes between Vienna and Berlin, where he lives most of the time – simply because that’s where all the bands play that he wants to hear. Too few musicians make their way to Vienna for his liking. What’s more, he plays the drums, shoots music videos and regularly goes to see his Canadian shaman. They go to the sauna together, where he laughs and sweats everything out. In general, it’s humour that he misses more and more. But it’s all very well for him to laugh, as relaxed as he is. We challenged him to a quick-fire round. Even that wasn’t enough to make him lose his cool.

Your favourite place – either in Vienna, where you’re from, or in Berlin, where you live?
Quick, favourite place! Oh, I always overthink these things… Um, favourite place… I’ll say the Old Danube.

What do you take with you to Berlin from Vienna?
My charm.

What do you import from Berlin to Vienna?
Not a lot.

Käsekrainer (translator’s note: Austrian sausage with cheese) or Currywurst (German sausage with curry sauce)?

Aida or Landtmann (translator’s note: both are Viennese coffee houses)?

Chess or backgammon?

Favourite designer?
Rick Owens. Because his things are offbeat. I like the layers, the oversized things.

Which item of clothing have you recently given to charity?
I gave a jacket to charity. By Adidas.

Who would you give the shirt off your back to?
My wife.

Your personal fashion icon?
Phew. Who do I think is cool? A few people… Apparently I’m a very spontaneous person… This is crazy… Fashion icons… (Mulls it over) Phew. That’s a really difficult question… Vivienne Westwood.

The most stylish resident of Vienna?
(Laughs) Most stylish?! Phew…(thinks long and hard)… I think I’d have to say Adia Trischler. Yes, definitely, Adia. (Editor’s note: stylist.)

The most aesthetic film in your eyes?
The Holy Mountain. (Editor’s note: visually stunning fantasy/drama by the Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky from 1973, which abandons all visual conventions.)

Your favourite object?
I have so many…(mulls it over)… I’ll say…(thinks about it)…(really turns it over in his mind, then:) You’ll edit this recording, right? To make sure it doesn’t end up being 50 minutes long… Um… Is it OK to skip a question?


What can’t a camera capture?

What great moment have you missed with your camera?
There are so many great moments, but on the other hand I do like not having everything recorded, it’s all (taps on his temple) recorded here, in my head… Maybe not having shot Lenny Kravitz with my camera. That would’ve been a great moment.

When was that?
It was on the street. If you’re in certain places, there he is, just walking down the street, and you think: oh…forgot my camera.

What makes you nervous when you’re taking photos?

You also shoot music videos, such as for the acid jazz rapper Shamon Cassette, and you take photos of musicians like Anna F. So choose: hits or marching music?
Hits! No question. I’m a big hits fan!

Such as?
There are lots. I grew up in my gran’s kitchen, and she always listened to the hits. Honestly. I love sophisticated things like Christian Anders – no joke! And I’m not ashamed to admit it. When I’m here in Vienna, I turn on Radio Arabella in the mornings. It always puts a big smile on my face.

Your favourite line from a hit song?
“In den Augen der anderen” (English: in the eyes of others). Christian Anders.

On your left forearm it says, “Life should be fragrant”.
Yes, life should be breezy and fragrant. Like a little dragon, that’s how we float along. Go with the flow, I always say.

And where are you floating to next?
To Tuscany, then to LA.


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