Lederleitner HOME: Christmas decorations galore


Mulled wine, lebkuchen, the first snow of the season: it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Which means it’s time to festively redecorate your own four walls. You’ll find the best Christmas decorations at Lederleitner Home.

Obviously, a fitting Advent wreath is essential. This year, the clear winner is a classic red. But with flowers and berries aplenty, your red wreath will be far from boring.

Home décor, Christmas style

Just as important: add some sparkle. The festive season simply wouldn’t be complete without glitter and tinsel, whether as a star-shaped bauble or as “Noel” lettering to hang on or over your door.

Why not give your sense of humour free rein when decorating your Christmas tree this year? By using e.g. a bauble in the shape of a tin of caviar.

Of course, some retro flair is a must in the holiday season. Lovingly designed sets of Christmas cards are a fitting choice.

Looking for some warm clothes to match your freshly decorated home? Click here for inspiration.

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