Accessories Are What It’s All About

If you’re one of those people who jumps out of bed in the morning already knowing which handbag or which shoes you want to wear that day, then you’ve already won half the battle. Pros start with accessories – the rest of their outfit is (almost) incidental. The rules for this summer are:
  1. Just one colour? Not cool. The more colourful the better. Shoes and handbags in matching colours? No, thank you. Even menswear is becoming brighter. Featuring wooden glasses by Etro, brightly coloured sneakers by Bottega Veneta and Hawaiian shirt-style bumbags by Valentino.
  2. Colourful patent courts, embroidered boots, ethnic sandals! Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Etro are trying to outdo each other with their resplendent colours and shapes.
  3. High heels and a rucksack. What was considered sporty in the 1980s finally classes as elegant in the 2010s. Men should shoulder a duffle bag for their travels. And even the long frowned-upon manbag is now bold, brash and here to stay. In ocean blue at Kiton this year. Well then, ship ahoy! Let the summer begin!