Five Footwear Trends


Whether you prefer high heels, kitten heels or flats, summer boots, babouches or flip flops, anything goes this summer! The only condition: they have to be eye-catching …

  1. Bright and brash
    Very gaudy and super shiny. As long as they meet those criteria, even flip flops are socially acceptable. The high-tech plastic shoes by Miu Miu and Prada are decorated with floral appliqués or feathers and shine like patent leather. The sneakers by Church’s are equally well polished. They come in a delicate shade of pink and are so shiny that you can see your reflection in them. Etro has rejected gloss in favour of brightly coloured embroidery on ballerinas. And Valentino has opted to attract attention floorwards with a dazzling shade of pink.
  2. It’s so fluffy
    The princess-like delights of tucking your feet into shoes with warming fur soles are no longer confined to the winter months: fluffy fur has made a comeback, this time decorating seams and plateaus, and sometimes combined with clashing materials, as at Prada.
  3. Metallic
    The babouches with gilt lace by Brunello Cucinelli combine three trends in a single shoe: lace-up fastening, metallic and reptile leather. The same can be said of the black and gold high heels by Louis Vuitton: colour block is now also a thing for your feet.
  4. Wild
    Whether it’s snake, lizard or crocodile, high-end reptile leather is combined with smooth leather.
  5. You in boots
    Embroidered or with rivets, lace-up as at Alexander McQueen or pull-on as at Louis Vuitton. Light boots are the way forward in summer, not just winter.