Christmas: Presents for her


The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. Pierre Corneille  
It is no secret that men are less creative at giving presents than they are in need of help. Until that teeny tiny, widespread but still undiscovered genetic defect can be cured, women are well advised to keep giving the men in their lives generous support in the way of gift inspiration and tips. Anything goes: photos, links, telephone numbers, city maps marked with thick red signposts and instructions as to where and how they should buy what. Afterwards everyone is happy: women because they finally have what they want, and men because they have managed to give such a great present. Some inspiration: For example, the cosmetics range from the Park Hyatt Vienna, whose fragrance was created exclusively for the Vienna location. Or a new iPhone with the case by Emporio Armani from the Manga Bear Collection, which also has a matching data stick – this is how women want technology to be. They then want to carry that iPhone with its case and matching stick in a clutch by Sergio Rossi, in a fringed bag by Saint Laurent or – also very appropriate – in a beaded mini cross body bag by Valentino. Decorative items are always welcome. A key ring by Prada as a makeover for our house keys, scented candles by Brunello Cucinelli or a sculptural vase by Lederleitner Home to prettify our rooms all contribute to improving our everyday mood, as do having a ring by Pomellato from the Bahia Collection on our finger or a diamond-encrusted tiger necklace by Roberto Cavalli around our neck. Warning: with jewellery, the beautifying trick works the other way around. Here it is the wearer who makes the product look its best!
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